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Navigating the word of
CBN (Cannabinol)
can be hard.

Let us help you learn about the wonderful benefits of CBN so that you can find the best products to help you sleep, relax, and recover.

According to statistics, sleep problems affect about 50 to 70 million Americans. Chronic insomnia, the most common type of sleep problem, accounts for 10% of those with sleep problems.


Studies have shown that while CBD and THC have positive effects on sleep, but there is another cannabinoid that might be more powerful effect than either of them. Cannabinol, or CBN, produces potent sedative effects that are reported to be comparable to valium.

If you’re suffering from sleep problems, consider trying CBN oil for sleep and insomnia.

The Best CBN Education starts here...

how to make CBN oil

How to Make CBN Oil

CBN is the shorthand term for cannabinol. This substance comes from hemp and cannabis plants. CBN oil has become more and more popular in recent

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cbd oil for sleep feature

CBD Oil For Sleep

CBD oil has exploded in popularity as many health claims regarding CBD for the use of controlling pain, inflammation, and many other conditions have risen. 

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recommended cbn oil sleep products

Top CBN Oil Products

If you’re looking for a CBN Oil that will help improve your sleep, can help you find a product that will answer your needs. Here are our top recommendations for CBN products that were developed specifically to address and solve sleep issues.

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cbn oil - what is it?

What is CBN Oil?

CBN oil can be used to treat sleep-related conditions, such as insomnia and sleep apnea, and a wide variety of other ailments, from skin conditions to epilepsy and even cancer, according to some studies.

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