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REVIEW: CBNight CBN Oil From American Shaman

CBNight Water Soluble CBN Oil

$19.95 to $99.95

Fall Asleep Easier


Stay Asleep


Wake up Alert





  • Fast Acting Water-Soluble CBN
  • Less Waking in the Middle of the Night
  • No THC - You Won't Feel "High" or Fail a Drug Test.
  • Save up to 20% With Auto-Deliveries
  • Money-Back Guarantee

CBNight CBN Oil Review

cbnight cbn oil from american shaman

American Shaman, a well-known leader in the development and marketing of excellent CBD products, has expanded its product line to include products based on two other lesser-known cannabinoids – CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol). The product we are reviewing today is a CBN sleep product containing a “new revolutionary blend of cannabinoids that focuses purely on one thing and one thing only, better sleep.”

American Shaman’s water-soluble products are made using their own proprietary nanotechnology, which makes the CBN particles quite small, allowing the oil to dissolve in water and to enter the body more quickly than non-water soluble CBN. So, you can take CBNight just before bedtime without having to wait very long for it to start working.

What You Need To Know About CBNight CBN Oil From American Shaman

What Ingredients Are Used In CBNight CBN Oil From American Shaman?

The ingredients contained in American Shaman’s CBNight Water Soluble CBN Oil are:

  • Size:  5 mL, 30ml
  • Serving Per Container: 5 mL: 5-8, 30 mL 30-45
  • Strength: 4mg of CBN
  • Ingredients: Water, Polysorbate 60, Contains 2% or less; a-Bisadolol, Terpineol, a-Pinene, Limonene, b-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Humulene, Olive Oil, MCT (from Coconut Oil), Sorbitan Monostearate, Ascorbic Acid (preservatives)
cbnight label american shaman

As with most of the products we review on, CBNight CBN oil only uses CBN that has been derived from Hemp, as opposed to Marijuana. Therefore, it contains only trace amounts of THC. So, this product will never make you feel “high” but it will make you feel sleepy!

Where is CBNight CBN Oil Grown and Manufactured?

CBN for CBNight CBN Oil is extracted from hemp that is sourced from a Non-GMO organic hemp farm in Colorado. It is manufactured in Colorado as well.

Does CBNight CBN Oil Provide 3rd Party Testing Results?

Yes. You can view the Certificate of Analysis by scanning a QR code on the product label, which will take you directly to the Lab Report page on the website.

Can Using This Product Cause me to Fail a Drug Test?

This should always be considered when using products made from hemp or marijauna. Since this product contains virtually zero THC, it is VERY unlikely to show up in a drug test. However, it’s not impossible.

To learn more about cannabinoids and drug testing, check out this article here on Can CBN (Cannabinol) or CBD Cause me to Fail a Drug Test?

How is The Website And Ordering Process?

First the website… CBD American Shaman offers an extensive library of educational articles. They also have a great FAQ section covering everything from legal issues surrounding cannabinoids to the manufacturing process and more.

Ordering is simple and it will feel familiar if you do much online shopping. When we order, we’re always aware of anything that slows us down or causes friction. There’s none of that in this process – it’s smooth.

Does CBNight CBN Oil Deliver a Good Value For The Price?

As with all CBN products today, production is very expensive – much more expensive than it is for it’s popular cousin, CBD. American Shaman has done a great job keeping its CBN products in-line with the market and presents an excellent value for people who struggle with sleep and who don’t want to use expensive, side-effect producing, prescription sleep medications.

At approximately $3.33 per dose, it’s an excellent value.

What Shipping Options Are Available And What Are The Costs?

American Shaman will ship CBNight CBN Oil for free if your total purchase is over $99. Otherwise, they offer these shipping options:


 UPS Next Day Air ( $29.68 ) – Ships and delivers on the next business day after the order has been processed. This does NOT include Saturday shipping. We will need special instructions in the note section to ship on Saturday for an extra fee.
If order is placed after 3 pm CST it might not ship out until following business day.

 UPS Second Day Air ( $16.20 ) – UPS ships and delivers in a guaranteed 48 hour window after order has been processed.
If order is placed after 3 pm CST it might not ship out until following business day.

Does CBNight CBN Oil Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

Although CBNight CBN Oil it’s not marketed to help support stress and anxiety, its calming effect certainly can be expected to improve these conditions.


American Shaman CBNight CBN Oil is an excellent product and we highly recommend you test it for yourself. It has everything we look for in a sleep product. And although it’s not cheap, for those of us who struggle to get a good night’s rest, $3.33 is a bargain.

One Last Thing…

After you try CBNight CBN Oil, we would appreciate it if you would come back to and leave your own review.

Thank you, and have a restful night 🌜

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