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REVIEW – CBDistillery Sleep CBN Oil

Sleep CBN + CBD Oil by CBDistillery


Fall Asleep Easier


Stay Asleep


Wake up Alert





  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping (Orders over $75)


  • According to The Website, Order Fulfillment Can Be Slow

Sleep CBN + CBD Oil by CBDistillery Review

Sleep CBN + CBD Oil by CBDistillary

If you’re already a consumer of CBD products, it’s likely you’ve heard of CBDistillery. CBDistillery was founded in 2016 and has become one of the largest, fastest-growing, and affordably priced brands in the CBD marketplace today.

The product we are reviewing today, Sleep CBN + CBD Oil, is their first sleep product that features CBN.

Before we take a close look at the product, check out this short video to learn more about CBDistillery and how it develops some of the most well-known CBD products in the industry.

What You Need To Know About Sleep CBN + CBD Oil by CBDistillery

What Ingredients Are Used In Sleep CBN + CBD Oil?

Sleep CBN comes packaged in a bottle with a dropper as  a tincture, The ingredients contained in Sleep CBN are:

We like the fact that Sleep CBN + CBD Oil by CBDistillery gets its CBN from Hemp, as opposed to Marijuana. Therefore, it contains only trace amounts of THC. This product will never make you feel “high.”

Sleep CBN + CBD Oil by CBDistillary label
Sleep CBN + CBD Oil by CBDistillery Product Label
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Where is Sleep CBN Grown and Manufactured?

Sleep CBN is extracted from hemp that is sourced from Non-GMO organic hemp farms It is manufactured in Colorado and pictures of their sparkling clean facility can be found on their website.

What Does Sleep CBN + CBD Oil Taste Like?

There are no added flavors so you can expect Sleep CBN to have a natural hemp flavor.

Does CBDistillery Provide 3rd Party Testing Results?

Yes they do!  The COA is found on the website along with pictures of the product. They’ve provided two ways for you to access the product COA. You can view the Certificate of Analysis on the company website or, you can scan a QR code on the actual product to pull up the report.

Can Using Sleep CBN + CBD Oil Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

This should always be considered when using products made from hemp or marijauna.

Since this product contains less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC, it is VERY unlikely to show up in a drug test. However, it’s not impossible.

To learn more about cannabinoids and drug testing, check out this article here on Can CBN (Cannabinol) or CBD Cause me to Fail a Drug Test?

How Responsive is CBDistillery to Customer Needs?

They have a real-time chat option where questions can be answered while you are shopping and a contact page where you will find a contact form.

How is The CBDistillery Website And Ordering Process?

First the website… It’s easy to use and has a wealth of information!!  It’s easy to navigate and you’ll find all of the basic information you’ll need to make a purchase decision. They do have a good FAQ section that answers the most common questions.

Ordering is simple and it will feel familiar if you do much online shopping. When we order, we’re always aware of anything that slows us down or causes friction. There’s none of that in this process – it’s smooth.

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Does CBDistillery Deliver a Good Value For The Price?

Producing a CBN product is very expensive – several times more expensive than its popular cousin, CBD. CBDistillery has the goal of offering quality CBD + CBN products affordably and delivering great value.

CBDistillery has its Sleep product at a discount right now and they offer a subscription package where the price is reduced even further. A  good night’s sleep would cost about 2.00 – 2.33 per dose.  If you struggle with sleep –  I’m sure you’d agree that’s a bargain.

Thanks to their 60 day money back guarantee – you can try it with confidence knowing that if it doesn’t work for you you can return it – please read the guarantee details before you purchase.

What Shipping Options Are Available And What Are The Costs?

Shipping is free with a purchase of $75.00 or more  but there is no overnight shipping option.

At this point, you can’t select a shipping option at checkout. All shipping is via standard UPS and if you don’t qualify for free shipping (minimum order of $75 or more) the cost is approx $8.00.

Orders typically go out within 48 hours of payment processing but keep in mind if you order on a Friday – the product won’t be shipped until Monday. Also, during busy times, CBDistillery allows for 2-4 days to fulfill an order plus UPS standard delivery time.

Does Sleep CBN + CBD Oil by CBDistillery Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

Although it’s not marketed to help support stress and anxiety, its calming effect certainly can be expected to improve these conditions.  As a caution, please do not operate machinery (aka drive your car) until you know the effects of any hemp product.


Sleep CBD is manufactured and distributed by CBDistillery. The company has an excellent reputation in the CBD industry. We like how easy it is to access the COA and the oodles of information that is available on their website. Since Sleep CBN uses a proprietary blend of tierpines – the terpenes are not individually listed. As someone who has tried a lot of sleep products from various companies – I have learned through trial and error which terpenes work best for me.  So, I wish the terpenes used were listed, however, I understand the need for protecting the ingredients of a proprietary blend.  

One Last Thing…

After you try Sleep CBN + CBD Oil by CBDistillery, we would appreciate it if you would come back to and leave your own review.

Thank you, and have a restful night 🌜

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