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REVIEW – Slumber CBN an Excellent Sleep Aid!

Slumber CBN Sleep Aid

From $16.50

Fall Asleep Easier


Stay Asleep


Wake up Alert





  • Great Creamsicle Flavor
  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Sleep Through The Night
  • Wake Up Feeling Alert And Alive
  • Zero THC - You Won't Feel "High" or Fail a Drug Test.


  • No Overnight Shipping Available

This review specifically covers the original Slumber Sleep Aid tincture. Since the introduction of Slumber CBN in early 2020, the company has added several products to it’s line including a Full-Spectrum CBD+CBN tincture, CBN Gummies with Melatonin, and a CBD:CBN Warming & Cooling Relief Stick for pain relief.

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Slumber CBN Review

We first heard about Slumber CBN a few months before it was released, and we couldn’t wait to test and review it because it’s genuinely unique! The folks at Slumber CBN made a bold decision to create a tincture that was nearly 100% CBN – with a small amount of lavender and Beta-Caryophyllene. There were only a handful of CBN Oil products available at that time and they all contained other ingredients like melatonin, valerian root and CBD. Not that those ingredients can’t be helpful when dealing with sleep issues, but when you are trying out a new sleep aid and it contains several ingredients, it’s hard to know which one is actually making you sleepy – “is it the CBN or the Melatonin that’s making me sleepy?” There’s no confusion like that when you use Slumber CBN.

REVIEW - Slumber CBN an Excellent Sleep Aid! 1

My wife used Slumber CBN the first night we had it. She hadn’t been sleeping well the previous few nights so she really needed some rest. The first thing I asked her in the morning was “How did you sleep?” and she said, “Great. I slept the whole night.” I followed up with, “And how do you feel this morning?” She answered, “Really good.” 👍🏼

If you struggle with sleep, you know how big a win both falling asleep and staying asleep is!

REVIEW - Slumber CBN an Excellent Sleep Aid! 2

Before we tell you about the product, I just want to say that we love the packaging, especially the logo which is a polar bear, resting in a crescent moon and peacefully gazing at the stars. It’s super mellow 🙂

What You Need To Know About Slumber CBN

What Ingredients Are Used In Slumber CBN?

Slumber CBN Supplement Facts

Slumber CBN comes packaged as a “Slumber Dropper,” in a tincture, and will soon be available in capsule form and marketed as “Slumber Capsules.”

The ingredients contained in Slumber CBN are:

Since Slumber uses CBN extracted from hemp, people struggling with sleep, stress, and anxiety are able to use their products no matter what state they live in (Delta 8 laws may vary by state). This is due to their products only containing trace amounts of THC. This product will never make you feel “high”.

Where is Slumber CBN Sourced From?

CBN for Slumber is extracted from hemp that is sourced from a Non-GMO organic hemp farm in Colorado through sustainable practices. It is manufactured in Colorado as well.

Slumber CBN Tastes like a creamsicle

What Does Slumber CBN Taste Like?

This is the best tasting tincture we’ve tested – I’d go so far as to say it’s delicious! They call the flavor “Creamsicle” and it tastes like orange and vanilla! It’s a mild and pleasant flavor and it really does remind us of those popsicles we ate as kids.

Does Slumber CBN Provide 3rd Party Testing Results?

They’ve done a good job here. They’ve provided two ways for you to access the product COA. You can view the Certificate of Analysis on the company website or, you can scan a QR code on the actual product to pull up the report.

Slumber made a good decision to use Botanacor for product testing. Botanacor is the most trusted lab in the cannabis industry and offers the first and only compliant hemp testing laboratory meeting cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) requirements. 

Can Using This Product Cause me to Fail a Drug Test?

This should always be considered when using products made from hemp or marijuana.

Since this product contains a minimal amount of THC, it is VERY unlikely to show up in a drug test. However, it’s not impossible.

To learn more about cannabinoids and drug testing, check out this article here on Can CBN (Cannabinol) or CBD Cause me to Fail a Drug Test?

How Responsive is The Slumber Team to Customer Needs?

They really seem on top of this.

The company had their website up for some time before the product was available for purchase. I inquired about a release date twice and was answered on the same day on both occasions.

Since receiving the product, I contacted them with a couple of questions and received an answer within a couple of hours.

How is The Website And Ordering Process?

First the website… It’s beautiful but a little thin on content at this point. It’s easy to navigate and you’ll find all of the basic information you’ll need to make a purchase decision. They do have a good FAQ section that answers the most common questions.

Ordering is simple and it will feel familiar if you do much online shopping. When we order, we’re always aware of anything that slows us down or causes friction. There’s none of that in this process – it’s smooth.

Does Slumber CBN Deliver a Good Value For The Price?

Producing a CBN product is very expensive – several times more expensive than its popular cousin, CBD. Slumber has done a great job keeping their CBN products affordable and delivering great value.

Even without the 15% discount, you’ll be getting, a good night’s sleep would cost you just $3.33 per dose with Slumber CBN. If you have sleep struggles, I’m sure you’d agree that’s a bargain.

What Shipping Options Are Available And What Are The Costs?

At this point, you can’t select a shipping option at checkout. All shipping is via either UPS or USPS and will be delivered within 2-7 days of your order.

All orders received before noon, mountain standard time, are shipped the same day.

Shipping is free but there is no overnight shipping option.

Does Slumber CBN Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

Although it’s not marketed to help support stress and anxiety, its calming effect certainly can be expected to improve these conditions.


Slumber CBN is an excellent product and we highly recommend you give it a try. It has everything we look for in a sleep product. It helped us fall asleep and stay asleep. We woke up feeling rested and fresh. And although it’s not cheap, we are more than happy to pay a few bucks ($3.33 to be exact) to get a good night’s rest.

Save 15% and Free Shipping

One Last Thing…

After you try Slumber CBN, we would appreciate it if you would come back to and leave your own review.

Thank you, and have a restful night 🌜

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