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What is Delta-8 and Can it Help me Sleep?

slumber delta-8

Delta-8 is a compound derived from hemp or cannabis. When the compound is extracted from hemp, it is legal throughout the US. The compound is popular because it has properties similar to THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis. It can promote relaxation, happiness, and sleep.

Delta-8 is a type of THC, but it is much less potent than the Delta-9 component found in marijuana.

Can Delta-8 Make You High?

Studies have shown that Delta8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ 8THC) does cause a high, but it doesn’t have the same powerful effects as the marijuana you may be more familiar with. If cannabis is illegal in your state, delta-8 can be used to achieve a “high” legally.

Some people prefer this compound even when they live in states with fully legalized marijuana. It is less likely to cause the paranoid or anxious effects that might come with a stronger compound, while still providing many of the same benefits.

Delta-8 Effects

delta-8 hemp cannabis source
Hemp or cannabis plant, the common source for Delta-8

Many of the effects are similar to those you’d find with a regular marijuana high. These include:

People with insomnia have reported that they can fall asleep more easily after taking Delta-8.

Similarly, the side effects are also similar to those you might experience with a regular marijuana dosage, including:

  • Red eyes
  • Increased appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Difficulty with memory

More research is being done every day to determine exactly how the compound affects the body.

Is Delta-8 or CBN Better for Sleep?

Both of these compounds are good for sleep. The right one for you will depend on the effect you want to achieve.

CBN does not get you high, but it does have some medicinal benefits. It has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety as well as producing a calming, sleepy effect.

If you want a compound that will deliver a mild, pleasant high while also making you sleepy, delta-8 is a good choice.

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Choosing the Right Dosage

When you use the compound for sleep, it’s important to choose the right dosage.

The right dose for you might vary slightly from the recommended dose. Some people are more sensitive to the psychoactive properties in Delta-8 than others. You will also want to adjust your dose based on the effects you want to achieve.

Dosages have two factors to consider. In addition to the amount of the dosage, you need to consider the milligram strength.

There has been no indication that the compound is toxic in high quantities. However, it can cause unpleasant side effects if you take too much. If you usually take CBN or CBD, it’s important to know that this compound has psychoactive components that they do not have.

In addition, people might react differently than they do to CBN dosages. If you don’t often take THC or have a high sensitivity to it, you’ll want to be cautious with your initial dosing.

Taking Too Much

There isn’t really a concern about taking “too much” Delta-8, at least in terms of harmful effects. You won’t overdose on the compound.

However, if you take more than your sensitivities can handle, you might experience uneasiness and grogginess. It’s possible that you will sleep for an extended period of time.

With that said, research has shown that most people don’t experience the same negative side effects that come with a more traditional marijuana high. Or if they do, the effects are much milder.

Dosage Versus Milligram Strength

Milligram strength is an important part of choosing your dosage. This term refers to the milligrams of the compound that are in the product. If the milligram strength is high, the dose is more concentrated. You’ll feel more powerful effects.

The milligram strength of your product will vary depending on the company. Different companies have different formulas. These combine the compound with different amounts of other ingredients.

Tinctures are diluted. With these, the compound is blended into a carrier oil. It is much less potent than some other formulas.

Once you understand the milligram strength, you’ll need to refer to the dosage guide. Different manufacturers also publish their own dosage guides.

As a general rule, you can follow these guidelines for your dosages:

  • Beginning users – 5 to 15 milligrams
  • Intermediate users – 15 to 45 milligrams
  • Advanced users – 45 to 150 milligrams

If you use the compound regularly, you will likely build up a tolerance. This means that as time goes on, you’ll need to increase your dosage to achieve the same effects that you did before.

How Long Does it Take to Work?

The amount of time that Delta-8 takes to work depends on the method of ingestion. If you vape it, you’ll feel effects anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes after the dose. With edibles, effects generally kick in from one to two hours afterward.

If you ingest the compound, it’s best to wait a minimum of two hours before taking more.

Final Thoughts

This is an ideal sleep aid for people who need help falling asleep and staying asleep. In addition, it makes the hour before bedtime very mellow, relaxing and enjoyable.

Since Delta-8 is derived from hemp, it is also legal to purchase in the US even if your state hasn’t legalized marijuana yet.

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